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Burning the Bacon

Well, hello again! I’m not sure where to start – but as you can tell from the date on my last blog post: “life happened.”

Since I prefer sleep over most other stress-coping-mechanisms, my writing and blogging have taken a back-seat. 

What’s been going on?



Good Times

Bad Times

I can’t even begin to summarize.  Let’s just start with today.

I’m learning humor truly is great medicine. It’s not always the best, but it has helped me through some rough days. I’m kind of on a meme kick.


My boys and I were dragging after a full day to the museum and Costco.

We swung-by Costco for our first box of pull-ups for Little Brother and after a few text exchanges, compiled a quick list with my husband… then ended up with our monthly haul. That’s Costco for ya.

Then home, unloaded and convinced Little Brother: you truly do need a nap.  Sleep is SO important! You do important things! Now, nap! Yes, you get to SLEEP in your NEW pull-up!  Isn’t that a-mazing?!

Tip-toe-downstairs, help Little Dude with some “stuff” (we’ll call it that for now) and take a tiny power nap while he ventures off to quiet activities only he as Ironman can imagine and do.

A nap? yep. I’m tired.

I’m having thyroid issues: It’s hard to swallow sometimes, my hair is thinning and I’m gaining weight despite not breastfeeding, not being pregnant, eating clean, exercising regularly, OH! AND GOING ALL DAY LONG WITH TWO BOYS! Did I mention the fatigue?

I’m anxiously awaiting my endo appointment (later this month) and am certain she’s going to tell me my thyroid IS, indeed, off and “let’s try something else” – OR – the dreaded “bloodwork is within range” (i.e. there’s nothing left to do). Except – well, that’s another blog post. I digress.

Tuesday nights the boys have the privilege of picking dinner. It’s my feeble attempt at rocking Love & Logic. I do need to work on giving them more choices… and they requested WAFFLES. Well, happily I had a stash in the fridge that I made earlier in the week from a Pamela’s Gluten Free Baking Mix. Done. Here… let’s toast the waffles.

Little Dude declared “I want 15 waffles, mama” as I pressed down the 4-slot-toaster.  Simple math, buddy: “nope.”

So waffles blossomed into waffles with BACON! I thought I’d be SO slick and made two rounds of bacon (one for tonight and one for tomorrow)…. 6 pieces each plate, 6 minutes a plate… cook-control-7-start…

Ok, they also wanted maple syrup. And kombucha. And Little Brother asked for ice cream. Little Dude calculated his carb:protein:fat macros (1/2 kidding) and requested more Juice Plus. This whole “yes” thing is getting out of control.

My phone dinged – a rare moment of not having it on silent and I thought it might be important.  While SHE is important, her text was not crucial. But I respond anyways, because I’ve been “on” for 12 hours and can use a little break.

Then I realized: that annoying “beep……….” 20 seconds later: “beep……….” again and a slightly pungent smell, later: Mister Food Connoisseur (Little Dude), who smells food the moment it’s “done” and then says “you better check on that” the SECOND they are overdone asks “where’s the bacon?”

I opened the microwave (really gotta get rid of that thing, it’s full of radiation anyways) and the bacon was BURNED. Was this a sign from above that bacon (yes, even nitrate-free bacon) is truly bad for you and causes cancer? Meh. Let’s do the other plate.

So, for today, here’s a bacon meme:

Making Bacon, Burned It


And here’s one that is probably what you’re thinking about my microwave comment:

And if you had a much better dinner than us, our standing joke and alterative in the Lilly household:



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