Tidy Tuesday: Green cleaning

Being pregnant, my sense of smell has sky-rocketed. This is definitely pleasant now that the lilacs are in bloom. And it’s handy: I can also sniff out specific ingredients in food (then give the recipe a try)… Ahh, the joys of pregnancy powers. 😉

One thing that smells overly-strong (and sometimes annoying) are cleaning products.

I’ve become very interested in non-toxic cleaning, not only because of eliminating chemical smells, but also because I’ve realized anytime I touch a chemical, it’s absorbed through my skin.

Then it goes to the baby.

So with this new train of thought, I’m starting to research inexpensive, effect GREEN cleaning methods.

I recently picked up a book about it called: Green Clean by Linda Mason Hunter and Mikki Halpin.

I’m expecting to learn how to clean more with baking soda & vinegar… glancing at the first few pages of Green Clean, I will also need castile soap.

I’m sure you green-cleaners are laughing at my inexperience of this topic… but I’m learning!

Please comment below this blog post: what do you use to clean with that’s Green? 🙂

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