Summer’s Comfy Cone soft e-collar

Summer has an owie. Here’s the post talking about it.

Since she has injured all four paws multiple times, Lampshade was getting really worn out. While she actually really likes Lampshade, we were especially tired of her bumping into the walls, furniture and us as she jolts around.

worn out edges
dirty, even though we’ve wiped it out…

Hubby found this soft cone online – which seems to be working pretty great so far!

When it arrived, I was really surprised at how nice/thick the fabric is.

The instructions say to clean it, you should wipe with a damp, soapy cloth. I saw in online review reporting someone just threw it into the washing machine on gentle, then let it air dry and it came out like new.  We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. 😉

We can fold the bottom part down for when she eats/drinks water, but Summer’s never had a problem accessing food/water with her previous cone, so I don’t think we’ll fold it.

It’s called the Comfy Cone:

It has Velcro to wrap the cone around Summer.
First time trying it on…
There’s several loops to attach it to her collar – I just used one. 
I think she feels pretty comfortable! 🙂

Comfy Cone website

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