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Have you heard of the term Push Gift? It’s a gift new moms receive for carrying & pushing out the baby. C-section mamas are just as qualified.

Yes, I realize your beautiful baby is a the ultimate gift from God – but if you like to get mega brownie points, this is what it’s all about: a Push Gift.  Make it something that you know she doesn’t think she’ll get. If you were going to do it anyways: rethink the gift. It should feel like a bit of a splurge!

Parents.com had this article posting the top 10 Push Gifts. I’m not sure I agree with all of them.  Babies pull on jewelry. They can also get scratched by jewelry (if it is sharp). Why would this be a good new-mom gift?

Anyways, here’s my Top 10 List for Push Gifts (this is, of course, my opinion – so I’d be thrilled with any one of the following):

1. new laptop: what better gift is there? She can stay in touch with friends and family from the hospital, her bed at home, and if she’s set up with a cool baby web-cam, can check on Baby without getting up! She’ll be able to upload all of hew new baby pictures, too.

2. baby web-cam: to fit in with #1, a baby web cam would be an awesome push-gift. Mama worked so hard pushing the baby out, give her a break by making sure she only gets up when the baby truly needs her. Plus she can just stare at her bundle of joy, remotely, anytime she wants!

3. newborn portrait session: ok, so I am shamelessly plugging my own services here – but a fantastic push-gift for a new mom is a newborn portrait session with a photographer like me! I’m not talking about a chain-studio – I’m talking about the detail-orientated, boutique-style services I provide to new parents. I come to your home, I’m not high-volume (so you know you’ll get help when you need it) and you’ll get beautiful portraits to enjoy forever.

4. master-bedroom retreat makeover: with all of the focus on the new baby, a great push gift that is truly for mom is a master-bedroom makeover. Whether it’s creating a little reading corner for her, sprucing up the walls with a calming paint color, or hanging new wall art. This is, of course, a risk (because it is a surprise), but it’s a very thoughtful one.

5. spa package: something that might take time for her to use, but may be right up her alley is a spa package: massage, pedicure, manicure, facial, hair cut, hair color – the works. She’ll be feeling pretty blah and this is a wonderful way to help her feel beautiful again. Keep in mind, she may not be ready to leave the baby for more then 3 hours at a time (if nursing) – so it might be a good pre-game gift or something she uses up gradually over time after the baby arrives. 😉

6. Kindle: if she likes to read, it’s going to be hard to turn pages holding a baby. During feedings, I bet she could get quite a bit of reading done with a Kindle. 🙂

7. iPad: should I really explain this one? If she likes Mac, likes techy stuff, this is the way to go.

8. designer diaper bag: she has to carry it around until Jr is potty-trained, so why not pamper her with a designer bag to make her feel like a million bucks?

9.  hire a house cleaner: It doesn’t have to be something you stick to long-term, but maybe monthly or bi-monthly cleanings for the first few months of parenthood would buy you both some relief!

10. flowers & chocolate: when all else fails: her favorite flowers & assortment of favorite chocolates will be a sweet treat! I know this is supposed to be against the “Push Gift rules” – but putting some thought into something sweet is better than skipping the Push Gift all-together. 🙂

So, please comment below with what your ideal Push Gift would be!

If you received a Push Gift, please share what it was.

Please leave a comment below & share with your friends. All comments await my moderation.

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Karen - May 30, 2010 - 7:42 am

I personally don’t think a push present is necessary, but it is thoughtful! I didn’t receive one, but the one thing I would have liked would have been a massage subscription. The first year of motherhood is tough and it would have been great to go every other month or so to get a massage and have one hour of me-time!

I’ll have to remember that for my next one!

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