Toured Celestial Seasonings in Boulder, Colorado

Chris and I just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary with a stay-cation.

What’s a stay-cation? It’s a vacation you take but stay at home. (Makes sense, right)

Why on earth would one do that?

Well, we had a few reasons:

1. I’m pregnant and we have an awesome bed. I’d rather sleep there than any other place.

2. We’re getting ready for our son to be born – so we need to watch what we spend on airfare, hotel, and dog boarding.

3. There’s cool stuff to do around here that we’ve never done!

So a stay-cation is what we landed on.

One of the activities we’ve never done but is available to locals is touring Celestial Seasonings in Boulder, Colorado.

I LOVE tea and always have a box or two of Celestial Seasonings Peppermint tea on hand. I learned, since it isn’t white tea, green tea or black tea, it’s actually an herbal infusion. Doesn’t that sound fancy?! 🙂

They have a lot of flavors to choose from – but since I’m such a fan of Peppermint, I had to mention their Mint Room is divine!

They have to store all of their mint products in one sealed room because the smell is so strong. Most people can’t handle the smell – it can make your eyes water, but I really loved it! I was one of the few crazy mint-junkies standing in the Mint Room as the tour guide spoke about the products. (Everyone else stood outside the room)

You are probably wondering “where’s the pictures?!” Well, they don’t allow photography of any kind on their tours. You’ll just have to go check it out yourself! You may be surprised that their tours are free of charge – but I bet you will leave with something from their tea shop. 😉

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