Signed the Contract!

We signed the contract to build our new house 2-3-07 (yesterday).


We met Robert at Creekside for a 10:30 meeting with Heather Jackson.


Since Saturdays are a bit busy, it took a while to got through and sign about 40 documents.


She was kind enough to order in pizza for lunch.


We went to an open house at the design center a couple weeks ago, but now that we have a contract, we can make an appointment.


We’re really excited to get the process going.


Chris & I will make an appointment to go to the design center to confirm our exterior color (we already picked it out).


Every couple weeks we’ll have a design deadline to keep the building process going.


On the “old house” side of things, we are planning on finishing off the basement.


We need to vents installed, the ceiling in the bedroom and rec room area. In order to make the bedroom a “bedroom” we need a door (of course) and we’ll put in a closet door.


We had several bids for this project and decided to go with someone who had a lot of impressive pictures of his work.


We have been de-cluttering and de-personalizing the house.  I really like less collections and nic-nacks around.


We went to the public storage center and got some packing materials for personal pictures, DVDs and other stuff we can do without for a while.


With the help of Heather Taylor, a home stager and designer I know from BNI, we’ll get this place looking great and more sellable.


She’s coming over Thursday to help get the ball rolling on moving furniture around, and what furniture we should eliminate (put in storage).


At this point, we’re anticipating renting for a few months, since our new house won’t be ready for 7 months.


With two dogs and a business we’re hoping the time flies by renting.


On one hand, we want to sell the house quickly, and our contract states we need to put the house up for sale rather quickly – on the other hand, it’d be nice to move once.


I don’t feel like it is something to worry about – taking it one day at a time.

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