structural observation

The buyers’ inspector made a structural observation that lead to the buyers terminating their contract. 

Robert tried to get them to extend the inspection process, to at least let a structural engineer in the equation before backing out, but they were not interested. 

It makes us wonder if they were looking for a way out – even though their realtor said they loved the house. 

Nevertheless, our inspector came out immediately after calling him to look at what the buyers’ inspector claimed to find. 

He said “major” structural concerns have to be 1/4″ or wider while ours are only hairline-thick. 

The other observation was the first beam under the sub-floor in the basement. 

 He said it was compounded too much but Jim said it was simply doing its job and moving as needed with the soil. 

Chris is taking tomorrow off work to call and get a structural engineer (or two) out to our place to get their perspective on these concerns. 

We plan on fixing any problems that are not normal settling and getting a structural engineer’s report saying the house is fine (if it is) in writing. 

When we go back on the market, we will have to disclose that we were under contract and it fell through due to this observation, that we fixed it or got a structural engineer (who knows more specifics about this topic) to sign off that there are no “issues. 

“What a day, what a week! We sold our big TV and old couch on Sunday, started to move more things into storage during the week. 

 Went to go take more pictures of the new house this afternoon (it is absolutely amazing to see the progress) and put more into storage . 




 and come home to this bump in the road. 

Chris says he doesn’t care and things will work out. 

 I am a little more emotional about things at this point (in all honesty). 

 😉 But taking a step back, I need to give it to God and let it unfold in His time. 

As Robert said, we were totally blindsided by this issue. 

 However, it is great working with a Christian realtor who truly helps you look at the big picture. 


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