structural engineer – Sunday

While I was up in Greeley at Courtney’s Arbonne facial party, Chris and Robert were here to meet a structural engineer.

He was supposed to show up at 2 p.m. but didn’t show up until 3. He didn’t have anything to say about it, either.

Chris thought he wasn’t very professional. 

He left half his stuff at home. Chris was so frustrated with the experience, he couldn’t even tell me very much about it.

On top of that, his report is supposed to take a week to create.

After the engineer got home, he called Chris and suggested some kind of a support for under the house.

Chris said (long story made short) the guy offered a refund since he forgot so much stuff. WEIRD.

I hope today’s engineer is much more prepared and ready to HELP us (tell us what’s going on as he finds it).

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