Eeire Erie 5k walk/run

Halloween morning was a cold one – I laid in bed thinking “it’s waaaay too cold to get up and run – I’d rather sleep.”

But a little voice inside me said “get up and just do it!”

So I scrounged up all of the non-cotton running attire I have and got ready for my first 5k as an adult.

The last time I ran a 5k was in high school – I actually ran a lot of them, since I ran cross country my senior year.

I felt I would be somewhere around a 12-minute mile. I was correct.

Without officially training for the 5k, I was happy to run most of it and finish with a 12-minute mile pace.

For you math majors, yes that’s a lousy time, but I don’t care: I had to start somewhere.

Here’s my finish line picture taken by Running Gurus:

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