Having a Baby? My Favorite Things as a Mom

If you are having a baby, chances are you are just as overwhelmed as Chris & I were with all of the STUFF you “have to get” for baby.

I thought I’d take some time to talk about the most helpful items we have and also some items that we should have left the tags on.

MUST HAVE (our fav): While attending my friend Amanda’s baby shower, I learned about the Itzbeen timer. There’s four timers in one unit: one for diaper change, one for feeding, another for sleeping & a wildcard timer button (like mom’s Ibuprofen). I immediately added it to our registry. We didn’t get one as a gift, so I b-lined it to Babies-R-US and picked one up. Chris and I wish we would have even brought ours to the hospital – it’s such a helpful tool for tired parents!

MUST HAVE: First off, the most helpful book I read before purchasing baby items was the 2010 edition of Baby Bargains. Because of the title of the book, you might think they’d have you soliciting for hand-me-downs or paroozing garage sales… but they don’t. I learned there are a few items that you should ALWAYS buy new. Other items, it’s optional but they do all the leg-work on what is “Good” “Better” & “Best” for all-items-baby.

OPTIONAL: The pregnancy books really aren’t necessary. You can take advantage of online resources to track your baby’s growth and instead of referring to a book, call your OB with any questions. That’s why they get paid the big bucks!

MUST HAVE: I error on the side of modesty, so I love my nursing cover a.k.a. a Hooter Hider. I have had the freedom to feed our son in public places, and felt comfortable doing so, thanks to this handy apron.

MUST HAVE: This is a must have, 2x. We have a Boppy in the baby’s room for night-time nursing and one on the main floor, so we don’t have to carry the same one around the house.  They are a U-shaped pillow that helps you get the baby in the right position for nursing. It also helps support your arms when you are just holding the baby.

OPTIONAL: *don’t cut the tags off all of your baby clothes!* Our son wore newborn clothes comfortably for about 2 weeks. He had WAY too many newborn-sized onesies/outfits, but I (in my infinite nesting wisdom) cut off tags and washed all of his clothes. Fight the urge to do this. We like the long-sleeved onesies with the mitten cuffs (to prevent him from scratching his face & eyes). They are easy to get on & off, too.

MUST HAVE: So they call the first few months of a baby’s life the “fourth trimester.” They still want to be snug as a bug in a rug, so you swaddle them.  Instead of fussing with finding the perfect blanket for this, get a few SwaddleMe‘s.  They help prevent SIDS, since it’s must harder for the baby to wiggle out of them.

MUST HAVE: Another way to keep your baby warm is a cozy sleeping bag from aden + anais. Babies can’t metabolize the same adults do, so it’s really important to be in tune with how hot/cold they are. This little sleeping bag warms up our baby boy quickly and is safer to use than a regular blanket.

MUST HAVE: So this is a new item for me, but I LOVE it already. The BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Active. The Active version has lumbar support. The first few weeks of sitting on the couch feeding & holding our baby left me typing one handed on my laptop, not being able to eat until he fell asleep and going to the grocery store with a stroller.  Now that I have this carrier, I have two hands to get stuff done when he’s hanging out in the carrier. 🙂

I’m sure there will be more items we’ll fall in love with as BB gets older, but these are our favorites (as of the first month of parenthood).

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