Stock Up on These Items BEFORE Having Your Baby

While pregnant, so much focus goes on what to get for the baby… but mom is going to need some things, too.

Here’s some items mom-friends told me to try during my recovery.

I would suggest stocking up on these items BEFORE you have your baby… even if Walgreens is just around the corner, your hubby will be happy he doesn’t have to take infinite trips to the drugstore to keep momma happy. 😉

Colace: Perhaps one of the most important things to stock up on is a bottle of stool softener. Your doctor will have most-likely recommended it if you had to take extra iron.  Moms in water aerobics suggested taking it BEFORE childbirth and then continue throughout your 6 week recovery (or at least until you feel like you no longer need it).

Peri Bottle: The hospital will most likely give you one of these peri bottles. I will let them explain what you do with them… but word-of-the-wise, you’ll want one in each bathroom you plan on using. So grab an extra one (or two) in advance.

Witch Hazel: I got mine from Vitamin Cottage. It is a soothing, nice-smelling liquid you squirt on your maxi-pad or panty liner.

Tucks Pads: Ok, so their active ingredient is the same as the Witch Hazel – but you can keep these in the fridge, so when you use them, they are nice a cool/soothing. The hospital gave me some, but I would suggest grabbing a box in advance for when you run out at home.

Dermoplast Spray: I could *KISS* the inventor of this soothing spray. It is awesome. The hospital provided me with a can of it but I would recommend getting another one (especially if you want to have one in each bathroom you use).

Mega Maxi Pads: While at the hospital, ask for extra pads, so you have a few “big ones” at home. Once you run out of the hospital undies and hospital maxi pads, you’ll start to use store-bought mega pads.

Epsom salts: You may get educated on “sitz baths” at the hospital (I had never heard of them before): What you do is fill the tub with 2-3 inches of warm water and some Epsom salts. You can sit in these baths for 10-15 minutes, up to 3 times a day for relief. This has been my FAVORITE way to relieve pain. At one point, I decided 2-3 inches of water wasn’t enough (if you are going to take a bath, you might as well fill-er-up!). Chris picked up 3 bags of Epsom salts for me and I went through all of them (a month into recovery at this point).

hemorrhoid cream: I’m sorry to say, you might need hemorrhoidal relief. ‘Nuff said.

donut cushion: If you have any kind of damage “down there” you will appreciate a nice, soft donut cushion to sit on (besides the couch).

pain killer: Once you are done with the 800mg of Ibuprofen the hospital issues you, you’ll want to continue with your own pain killers. I switched from Ibuprofen to Extra Strength Tylenol after a while.

Hope this helps some of you soon-to-be first-time-mommas! 🙂

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Courtney - October 23, 2010 - 10:19 pm

This is a great blog entry!! I would have loved this information before the baby was born…
~Having a spare peri bottle is a great suggestion! I just took the one the hospital gave me EVERYWHERE with me!! 🙂
~The witch hazel pads were awesome! They offered a lot of soothing comfort each time I went to the bathroom! My mother-in-law got them for me. I was so thankful to have those! 🙂
~One suggestion I’d add is: ask the hospital for some extra disposable underwear. For the first few days the pads were so full I’d just throw the underwear away every time. It was easier and cleaner than pulling the pads out and changing them. So I asked for extra underwear to take home. Eventually the bleeding lightened up enough that I could just change the pads… But until then, at least I wasn’t ruining my underwear! 🙂

Sarah - October 25, 2010 - 11:39 am

I was a c-section mama so most of this didn’t apply to me, but I was glad I bought granny panties- ALL of my regular underwear hit right at my incision. I bought it a size larger than I normally wear but wish I had gone another size up.

I also stocked up on a ton of healthy snacks and bottled water- it made it really easy to grab what I needed, especially one-handed if I was holding the baby!

Amanda - October 25, 2010 - 1:04 pm

I would suggest getting quite a few cotton brief underwear (one size larger than what you wore pre-pregnancy).

You will not want to wear your normal cute/sexy undies, and these are nice and comfy for the first 6 weeks after baby!

For breastfeeding moms- get a few good sleep nursing bras, and I suggest waiting to buy regular nursing bras until your milk comes in, so you can get one that fits properly.

I also suggest getting a Milkies milk-saver from I found this product, and it is amazing! You loose milk from the non-nursing side at every feeding, and this little product catches the milk so you can save every drop!

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