“Goodie Bag” list for labor & delivery (tips on what to pack)

During childbirth class, the instructor gave us a lot of suggestions of what to bring to the hospital – beyond clothes and obvious overnight toiletries. She called the items that go in this bag the “Goodie Bag.”

I packed a pretty heavy “goodie bag” for the hospital. Some of the items were left untouched – but might be helpful for the next laboring momma… so here’s my list of HELPFUL items:

:: iPod & headphones loaded with songs & Playlists (my categories were RELAX, Need Support, Thank You Jesus & PARTY!)

:: Two tennis balls stuffed in a tube sock.Ā  It’s the simple things, in life, right?! šŸ˜‰ This was a great way to relieve pain in my back… since I had back labor.

:: Tamanu Arnica. It’s soothing herbal cream I was able to rub on my neck/shoulders after almost 3 hours of pushing. It was very relieving!

:: socks with traction on the bottom. It’s a great idea to bring socks to the hospital since all of the blood is rushing to your core, it’s leaving your feet & they’ll get cold. I liked having the traction on the bottom for the next couple of days in the hospital – I didn’t want to accidentally slip walking on the hard floors.

:: hair tie. You will want to pull your hair back at some point.

:: diaper cream or lotion. the meds make your skin itch!

:: TUMS. After 40 weeks of either nausea or eating ever 2-3 hours, I was pretty much used to having these in my back pocket. I did getĀ nauseous/heartburnĀ at one point and the TUMS helped.

:: notepad for hubby to write down what happened (it’s all a whirlwind, so it’s nice to refer back to his notes)

:: Gatorade.Ā  Since you can’t eat during labor, the electrolytes and calories are a wonderful boost.

:: snacks for hubby

:: honeysticks. I packed several honeysticks for snacking on after delivery. They were great to have since I was used to snacking several times a day and the hospital only provides breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Things I tried/packed that really didn’t work that great, or didn’t end up using:

:: the massage tool barley made it out of the bag – the tennis balls were muchĀ  more helpful for me

:: squeezing combs on a pressure point on my hands was somewhat of a distraction… but if I squeezed them much longer, I might have broken skin

:: contacts. I wore my glasses the entire time in the hospital.

:: makeup. I thought I’d want to “look pretty” for visitors and was just TOO TIRED TO CARE.

:: aromatherapy oil. I didn’t want to smell anything remotely strong.

:: rice bag (the kind you rest on your neck/head for headaches) – I think I asked for this at one point, but it never made it out of the bag. Oh well.

:: facial cleaning clothes – I thought I’d want to have my face washed off after hours & hours of labor… but I just wanted to sleep then take a shower. When I felt hot during labor, Chris grabbed a cold washcloth for me. šŸ™‚

:: focal point item. I brought a picture in a frame and never brought it out of the bag. I just stared at stuff on the ceiling or on the wall.

Feel free to comment below with your Goodie Bag items or even what wasn’t helpful for you!

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Angela - October 27, 2010 - 7:46 am

My labor went so quickly after we arrived at the birthing center, that nothing came out of our bag. At least when we left 4.5 hours later to go home, I didn’t have to pack anything.

Eunice - October 27, 2010 - 12:25 pm

Nothing I packed came out of my bag except my DVD’s. I packed a set of DVD’s (Friends, to be specific) to watch while I was in labor. However, the DVD player in the delivery room didn’t work, so I was kinda mad.

But I had learned self-hypnosis to manage the pain, so I was pretty focused on that anyway.

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