water aerobics

When you think of water aerobics, do you think of elderly people, Speedos, and an easy workout?

After a couple weeks of experiencing it first-hand, I can tell you it is for people of all ages, athletic abilities, and it is anything but easy.

Why? There’s continual resistance, resulting in a cardio and strength workout.

The thing is you have to push yourself.

While I can push myself to have a 500+ calorie workout, I can tailor the work out to not hurt my knee. 🙂

As some people want to stay in the shallow end, so they can stand in the pool, there’s still a little impact on my knees.

So I prefer to strap on a water aerobics belt and head to the deep end.

water aerobics belt

water aerobics belt

One of the water aerobics instructors is going to provide me with a special regimen I can do in the deep end to help strengthen my knees. She worked up a similar program for an ultra runner who had knee injuries. I’m anxious to see what she e-mails me. 🙂

On the running side of things, I haven’t tried it yet, but I want to go for a short jog this week. Yay for not sub-zero weather!

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