Pretty Magnetic Therapy jewelry on my Etsy

So what does a new mom and working wedding & portrait photographer do in her spare time?

√ She exercises.

√ She crochets.

√ She takes more pictures.

√ And she makes magnetic therapy jewelry… that is actually kinda pretty. 🙂

I just posted some jewelry that is for sale on my Etsy.  Please click over there, to check it out!

When my mom got into making magnetic jewelry and said it helped her “tennis thumb” feel better, I was certainly skeptical.  But just after one day of wearing my magnetic therapy bracelet, I felt all around better.

For a sleep-deprived new mommy, feeling better is at the top of the priority list! 🙂

Here’s a little more info on Magnetic Therapy:

• improves blood circulation
• helps clear blood vessels of cholesterol and calcium
• reduce stiffness and have none of the dangerous side effects associated with conventional drug or surgical treatments
• helps arthritis
• helps migraines
• helps carpal tunnel
• alleviated stiff shoulders
• relief for diabetic pain, swelling and bruising
• aids in a full night’s sleep for insomniacs

• Wear your magnetic jewelry from 24 hours.
• Do not get wet (so remove when showering, swimming, etc.)
• Jewelry should fit snuggly

Do not use magnetic therapy while pregnant.
Do not use with pacemakers or defibrillators.
Do not use magnets on abdomen for 90 minutes after meals.
Persons on medications or prescription drugs may find the medications become more effective with magnetic therapy and dosage may have to be adjusted by your doctor.
Any self-help application is the sole responsibility of the user.
The use of magnetic therapy should not replace treatment of a qualified medical professional.

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