January is over! “AFTER” pictures from my push-up challenge!

January absolutely FLEW by. It was my first month back to work with Little Dude and it proved to be a challenge in itself – but I still stuck to my 50-push-ups-a-day challenge.

I *probably* averaged 5/7 days out of the week. Don’t get me wrong… every day I carry around a 16 pound baby, so I wasn’t slacking on those days “off” the challenge. 😉

While I think I could have gotten better aesthetic results, I am VERY pleased with how much stronger I feel.

I lost 1 inch around my belly-button waistline… so that’s a total of 3 inches since the beginning of December. 🙂

I started with 10 push-ups in a row, spread throughout the day to achieve 50. It was SO difficult at first, but after about 1 week of 10 in a row (totally 50 a day), I started to feel stronger.

I would estimate each week I did this challenge, I could do 10 more in a row. 🙂

Today I did end up doing 50 push-ups in a row, which is the goal, right?!

Anyways, enough talk; here’s my “before” & “after” snap-shots.

Stay tuned for February’s fitness challenge! It’s a good one! 🙂

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