Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred | day 2

Today was a really fun day for me and Little Dude.  We went to Babies R US for a little organic baby food shopping then met a friend up for one of his first play-dates at the Children’s Museum in Denver.

I carried or pushed Little Dude in the umbrella stroller for a couple hours while we were at the Children’s Museum and then played with him once we got home.

It sounds like a fairly simple day but our sweet baby weighs over 20 pounds, so I certainly get tired by dinner-time.

After dinner, I nursed the baby, read a couple books to him and put him to bed… then I changed into my workout clothes and turned on my tiny portable DVD player.

This is the second day of Jillian’s 30 Day Shred and I am not letting little excuses get in my way.

I was tired.

Chris was using the TV room.

I could finally have some down time.

I pushed play and started the warm up.  I could feel a couple tight places in my arms/back from last night’s first workout… but nothing horrible or that would prevent me from doing the workout. 🙂

As I said in my last post, my biggest concern is knee injury prevention – with any new workout challenge, I take it VERY easy with squats and lunges. They make me nervous. It would be nearly impossible to care for our baby with a knee injury like I’ve had in the past. And I would be S.O.L. for shooting weddings & portrait, soo.

My knees felt sharp and weak in comparison to my arms/back feeling slightly sore. Again, I’m being very careful, which reminds me: I need to look for my knee braces and see if those will help me get over the initial phase and regain some strength.

So, with the portions of the workout that involve my knees, I definitely do the easier version of the circuit. Other exercises, I feel like I can push myself to improve my fitness level… not just slowly regain strength (like for my knees).

I think, based off how I feel after each workout, I will notice a different within a week and after a month I’ll have some visible results. 🙂

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