Six weeks until Little Dude’s 1st Birthday

You may notice I’ve been a little blog-shy lately.

My typical day starts at 4:30 a.m. when Little Dude wakes up for “first breakfast” quick nursing session. Then it’s back to bed until 6:30 a.m…. then we are up for the day.

He’s been enjoying a variety of foods for “real breakfast” like Sprout oatmeal with apple & cinnamon (yum), bananas, Plum’s spinach/peas/pears combo, hard-boiled egg whites and occasionally avocado.

We just finished up another two-week session of mommy & me swim lessons.  He makes me SO proud! He’s such a great floater (even on his back – which is rare for babies) because he is SO relaxed in the water.  He’s learned to hold his breath when he “jumps” in, regardless of his head going under water or not.

After swim lessons, I’ve been earning a Brave Mommy badge by showering him at the rec center. MAN, this baby is slippery and heavy while wet!  I don’t know how moms with two little babies do it.  I think I’d be packing up wet babies and bathing them at home.

He seems to be transitioning into a different schedule and routine.  A month ago, he would need an immediate nursing session and nap right after swim lessons, but now he’s happy with some water from his sippee cup and playing until lunch, THEN taking a nap.

Naptime. Ahhhh, bliss.  The moment I shut his bedroom door, I am off like a shotgun, getting e-mails & voicemails responded to, editing and fulfilling orders as quickly as I can without sacrificing my standards of quality.

I might get the kitchen cleaned up or a load of laundry done during my “work time” then Little Dude is up, ready to play again.

We’ve been enjoying the playground, library, and rec center between nap-time and dinner time.

His bedtime routine has been starting around 7:30, which can take up to an hour.

Two nights a week I stay up late for a second shift of editing and doing business stuff.  It makes for some heavy eyelids the next day, but I feel productive and happy.

Other remaining evenings, I finally sit down around 8:30 p.m. and I am toast. Ready for some hot tea and a cuddle on the couch.

On top of earning my Mommy Wings, Little Dude is turning one in just six weeks.  That’s some heavy stuff!

As his birthday approaches, memories of this time LAST year come up.  I shot my final wedding before maternity leave August 14th at 34.5 weeks pregnant. I will be photographing a wedding tomorrow and am pretty tickled that I won’t be 9 months pregnant doing so. 😉

I am obviously in love with our son. That’s a no-brainer. And EVERY Thursday since his birth at 4:55 p.m. I have stopped a moment to think about the very second he entered this world.  The flood of emotions I felt as I pushed him out are indescribable. I’ve never fallen in love so hard and so fast. It’s a different kind of love than I have for my husband… Little Dude is such a gift and blessing.

Are you starting tell how emotional I’ve been about his approaching birthday?

I have nursed him (and will continue to until he weens himself), held him, watched his first smile, his first laugh, his first time rolling over, his first crawl, his first time standing, first time eating solids – and yet I feel like I just can’t get enough of this boy.

He is growing up faster than I expected and is more amazing that I could have imagined.

So often I compare our life to our friends’ and family’s… I recall their birthday celebrations or mark my calendar for their milestones.  But in just six weeks, the day will be my son’s. He’ll smash through his first birthday cake. He’ll be the guest of honor. *gosh, I’m fighting back tears just typing this*

So back to being why I’ve been blog-shy: I am relishing EVERY moment with my sweet baby boy. It’s an honor to be his mom and I’m so excited to watch this baby turn into a little boy this upcoming year.

Thanks for hanging tight. I promise I’ll be blogging more… stay tuned.

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Kasia - August 12, 2011 - 8:07 am

you are so blessed to have so much time with him- I am already dreading being away from our little one to return to work… but it’s quality not quantity right? I too am excited about mommy and me swimming! congrats on nursing for 12 months!!!!!!!!! you should be on a poster for breastfeeding :] Happy Birthday Little Dude- sometime around your birthday party our little girl will be making her way into the world. I hope you get some awesome pictures of the cake smashing!

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