Little Dude’s 1st Birthday Party Theme…

When we brought our baby home from the hospital, he took at least one nap a day in his baby swing.  Besides the satisfying swinging motion, he learned to wind-down and fall asleep to Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? on audiobook. (I *heart* the library, btw)

As the months went by, I noticed he would relax anytime he heard that story.

When he started to notice the pages in the book (we also have the hard-copy), he really got into holding the book, looking at the animals, and pointing to the words.

It will always be a special book to our family but it is an awesome sleeping crutch I am TOTALLY fine with him having. He doesn’t always need it, but it generally always works to calm him down. 🙂

I am not a birthday party in a bag kind of girl.  I knew months ago that I would be planning a totally unique birthday party theme for Little Dude’s first birthday party.

Yes, we call him Little Dude… so a Rock N Roll or Surfer party was tempting.

However, when I look back and think about his first year of life, I will always recall Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

So, this will be his party’s theme!

Are you curious what we’ll be doing for the theme? Stay tuned… I’ll be blogging the elements of the party as I complete them in the upcoming weeks. 🙂



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