Little Dude’s first professional haircut photos

When I was pregnant, I couldn’t quite imagine what our Little Dude would look like.  It is definitely something I thought about before having him, but when I was pregnant I just couldn’t fathom how adorable he would be. Even in my dreams, I would dream about him but could never see him entirely.

I saw his eye lashes ONCE in a dream and that’s it… but I always figured he would have his dad’s hair.

I was born with very blonde hair. Chris has really dark brown (almost black) hair – so I figured the dominant trait would overrule my hair.

Chris also has curly hair, so I figured Little Dude would have curls.

When he was born, his hair was VERY dark – just like Chris’s… but over the last year it has been many colors… almost black, brown, dark brown, blonde highlights coming through, a ting of red, and now it is currently brown again.

It also naturally grows faster up top, which is GREAT for his mohawks.  Yup, he is *that* cool.

With several attempts to even it up myself, I figured a couple weeks before his birthday was a good time to hand it over to the pro. 🙂

My friend Lori has cut my hair for years and so I knew Little Dude’s first official haircut would be with her.

I asked Lori in advance if I could be “that mom” and take pictures of his haircut in advance.  She said, why yes, of course!

During his haircut she said most moms just bring in their cell phone and use that camera.  But I had to bring the real deal.  🙂

The goal was to even it up…

Lori is letting him know what’s going to happen…
Covering him up…
Spraying on water…
Chop chop! 🙂  {yes, he was interested in Lori’s chain bracelet…}
and her shirt… but hey: whatever works to keep him from wiggling! {Notice the gear I brought in his left hand…}
Normally she has babies sit in their mom’s laps on the chair – but with me taking pictures, the stroller was the next best option. 🙂
My favorite… 🙂
Well, I love this one, too…
Just a little off the top!
Much better!
Still rocking the hawk…
hmmm, who’s that guy?
“He’s ME!!!”

Thank you Lori!!! 🙂

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Kasia - September 7, 2011 - 3:56 pm

*so* cute. staying in the stroller was a great idea!

he is the cutest almost 1 year old I know.

Heather - September 7, 2011 - 3:57 pm

hehe thank you! 🙂

Grandpa and Grandma L - September 7, 2011 - 3:59 pm

What a good boy he is, and looks like Lori knew just how to make him feel comfortable. He looks sooo cute!

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