December’s Fitness Challenge, day 9

Once again I am challenging myself to 100 crunches a day in December.

I would like to minimize the fat around my belly and feel stronger carrying around our toddler son.

Sometimes I wonder why I haven’t lost all the baby weight yet… yes I have hypothyroidism, but I am still nursing him (he’s 14 months old) which burns calories. While he walks, I do carry him up & down most staircases and in many public places… You would think hauling around 28 extra pounds would burn a lot of calories.

So it must be a matter of caloric intake, right?  I don’t pay too much attention to portion size when I’m tired or didn’t plan my meals for the day.

This article suggests “doing the math” on what you eat.  One pound is 3,500 calories… whether you are nursing, highly active, sedentary, or whatever your (or my) excuse may be… I use my Bigger Loser food scale to measure out milk for my protein shakes, but I will start to use this more often to measure portions when I can’t track calories.  I bet I’ll surprise myself with how much I think a single portion is.


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