December’s Fitness Challenge, day 23

Once again I am challenging myself to 100 crunches a day in December.

I found this pin on Pinterest that suggests how much weight you gain is related to the person you are romantically involved with.

Gaining 24 pounds over 5 years of marriage sounds like a huge increase!

That’s slightly less than gaining 5 pounds a year.

4.8 pounds to be exact.

Multiply that by 3,500 calories… 16,800 extra calories.  (84,000 extra calories within 5 years)

If you have an extra 190 calorie treat 88.5 times in one year, this will have you covered…

That’s an extra 190-calorie snack every 4 days.  I *guarantee* I indulge in a extra calories more often than that.

So I am vowing to be a wife that doesn’t pull my husband in the unhealthy direction.


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