Everyday Paleo meal planning in January

“I need to start tracking my calories, so when I’m done breastfeeding, I know how much to cut back on food,” I said to my husband this morning.

After Christmas, I tend to have major sugar cravings and practice poor meal planning… and shameful self-control.

Today as I was looking through a cookbook my sister gave us, I realized there was 30 days of meal planning in the back! Complete with weekly grocery lists.  It even includes breakfast, lunch, snack & dinner!

I asked Chris if he’d be willing to do the meal plan for 30 days and he said “sure, why not.”  We decided to start with two weeks and if it goes well, we will continue with the 30 days.

So starting January 1st, we are doing Everyday Paleo’s 30 day meal planning.

I think it will free up a lot of time  – since all the planning & grocery lists are already done. It will be healthy meals, some I can make in advance, and I bet it will encourage more healthy habits.

Want to join us in this challenge?

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