February’s fitness goals! list of reasons to eat healthy & exercise

Last night I watched Biggest Loser and put together a fitness goal vision board.

Wearing only a sports bra & running pants, I took a picture of my front, side & back.  I am totally NOT going to post those pictures online, but they are on my computer’s desktop… reminding me to stay on-track.

Looking at the pictures, instead of myself in the mirror, really put my goals into perspective.

I can think of SO many excuses to skip the gym and eat whatever sounds good… I could make a list.

However, I wanted to focus on the POSITIVE first. So, I made a list of reasons to eat healthy & exercise:

[ ] Feel stronger

[ ] Care for Little Dude easier

[ ] Look better in clothes

[ ] Look better in swimsuit

[ ] Makes aging easier

[ ] Lower starting weight for next pregnancy

[ ] Helps body bounce back faster after pregnancy

[ ] Heal faster from illness

[ ] Endurance

[ ] Makes my job easier

[ ] Easier on knees

[ ] Better health

[ ] Endorphins

[ ] Stress Relief

[ ] Feel more confident

[ ] Sleep better

[ ] Proud of myself

[ ] feel beautiful

[ ] More compliments

[ ] Better self-control

[ ] Set a good example

[ ] Glory to God

So, it’s your turn… what are reasons you eat healthy & exercise?!

Please leave a comment below & share with your friends. All comments await my moderation.

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