40 days & counting…

As I look at my blog, I realize how much it mirrors my life.

I start an organizing challenge and I don’t want to post before & after pictures of my underwear drawer… talk about airing out your laundry! *not gonna happen*

Soooo, I haven’t kept up with operation-get-organized.

I meal plan but I don’t always make what I have planned – I don’t *feel* like eating that – or I’ve eaten off Little Dude’s plate all day and just don’t feel hungry.

Have I been spending time blogging? Nope.

Do I miss it? A little.

I am just so tired. Overwhelmed. Feeling stretched in various directions “life” is dealing me right now… I need a renewal.

Hang tight with me, while I pull it all together!

Today marks the beginning of lent. While I’m not Catholic, I have been participating in lent on & off my whole life.   I do it because it helps renew my heart.  Before lent my cravings & compulsive behaviors end up being for TV (zoning out), movies, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, chocolate, texting – but I want to automatically go to Jesus.  There will always be an empty part of my soul, unless I fill it with Him.

So just like last year, I’m giving up TV/movies for lent. I think it will be a challenge but a blessing… especially now that Little Dude is 17 months old.  Last year he was just a tiny tike and napped more – but now he’s a huge fan of Veggie Tales (he calls them “Veggies”), which came in handy during his epic nap strike.

I was relying on Veggie Tales (not a “bad” show at ALL) to give my son quiet time.  I forgot to ask for God’s specific guidance.

John 16:24 says to ask God for specific things in order to have the fullest joy.

I prayed that Little Dude would start napping by 1:30 every day, so our sleep schedule would improve enough for me to get up early (before he wakes up) and have my devotional time.

For the past 8 days, this has happened! If you have been following my Twitter or Facebook feeds, or talked to me in real life, you know how amazing this is.  (My chiropractor told me when a toddler skips a nap, it is the equivalent of an adult pulling an all-nighter, by the way…)

I am already starting to sleep better and so is Chris and our son…

There’s been a couple days where I wake up totally refreshed and then I look at the clock at o’dark-thirty in the morning…

Today was one of those days.

the dialog* this morning went something like this:

(I use the term dialog loosely, I didn’t hear God’s audible voice, but his words were pressed on my heart.. believe me, I don’t just rise & shine like this without God intervening)

God: 5:02 a.m.  You are rested and the house is quiet. Hint, hint.

Me: Geesh, God – that’s early! Let me sleep longer.

God: Today is one of those days. This is what you asked for.

Me: Um, I am a little bit annoyed at myself for asking that.

God: I am giving you enough time to do what you want before your son wakes up. *smile*

Me: Ok, I’m up.

God: good

Sure enough, I had *EXACTLY* enough time to get a drink of water, complete my study on James (through Beth Moore), say good morning to Chris and, like God’s clockwork, Little Dude woke up.

I realize not all of you who read this have the same believes I do, but I am sure you can relate on some level to a season of renewing your heart.  I am excited for lent… and the blessings God will reveal during the next 40 days.



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Faith Cherisse - February 22, 2012 - 3:11 pm

Love this! Automatically going to Jesus is so awesome! Best to you on your 40 days of Lent and organizing your quality of life at the same time.

Heather - February 22, 2012 - 3:15 pm

Thank you, Faith! 🙂

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