P90X update & an inspirational video

I have completed 21 days of P90X… so today marks the start of my first “recovery week.”  There’s still exercise to do, but it is a different routine that is supposed to help my body recover from the last three weeks of “Bringing It.”

I have developed my workout preferences, from MOST favorite to LEAST:

  1. kenpo
  2. yoga
  3. core synergistics
  4. cardio
  5. shoulder & arms, ab ripper
  6. legs & back, ab ripper

I feel limited with my knees – I have a combo of knee injuries from skiing, karate & probably just beating up my body as a gymnast for nearly 8 years to thank.

While I modify the workouts to the best of my ability, I pretty much feel defeated by my limitations every day.  I don’t feel like I CAN “bring it” 100% because I’m in no position to risk an injury.  I have not lost any weight – but I know I’ve “tightened up” – so I’m anxious to do a body composition test this week. 🙂

I’ve already made the decision to just do the best I can… the rest will follow. Meaning: I’ll get stronger and slowly be able to do more over the 90 days.

Still feeling “sorry” for myself, I saw this video last night.


Then I felt totally…. wrong?! unjustified?!  I am not THAT limited. I can walk, jog, climb stairs (even carrying our 30 pound son). I have no problem squatting down to shoot a bride walking down the aisle. I can step up on a chair at a wedding reception to get a crazy dancing angle.

Life isn’t that bad. I can keep treating each day NEW, because it is, and just do the best I can.  Another week of Bringing It and I’ll take my 30 day update picture.  I’m nervous there won’t be a visible difference but I know I feel better & stronger already.

Hope you take the time to watch the YouTube video. It’s pretty awesome.

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