P90X 40 day update & my own learning curve

Today marks the 40th day of my 90 day challenge and this week proved to be the hardest yet.

My instinct says I’m not eating enough and so does my waistline… I refuse to measure & get discouraged but my stomach looks/feels like it’s storing fat due to not eating enough… I made the mistake to confirm the weight gain and weighed myself… 3 pounds UP.

I haven’t had as much of an appetite this week.  I’m certainly a fan of food but I can’t overstuff myself without feeling sick – so I just listened to my stomach and ate less.

About mid-week I was incredibly tired. Like sleeping 9+ hours a night and still wanting a nap kind-of-tired. Food didn’t sound good. Water tasted good but I just couldn’t drink enough to kick the achy feeling my body had.

After a couple days of this I thought I was coming down with a bug, but then I thought I should ask my P90X coach/friend what she thought.

She definitely said to consider a heart rate monitor in order to know exactly what my calorie burn is and sent me this precision nutrition video that was helpful in me figuring out what’s going on (she suspected not eating enough).

So according to this video’s formula, to maintain I need to eat 2376 calories a day.  That’s with a 600 calorie-burn workout.  You would think that’d be pretty easy with P90X workouts, but I have to be honest and say I modify workouts for my knees and do not always feel I’m burning 600 calories a workout.

On the other hand, I chase around a 20 month old the majority of the day.  That’s calorie burning I don’t take into account…

While I can’t pinpoint the caloric intake I had this last week, I would estimate it was less than 2,000 a day.  So this week I am going to combat “bonking” again and go to 2,000 a day. I might increase/decrease after a few days to see how I feel.

With the video’s formula for the fat-burning phase, I need 250 grams of protein, 150 grams of carbs & 44 grams of fat a day. This seems pretty overwhelming to me – especially all of that protein. But I’m going to aim for this & see how it goes.

Keep Pushing Play 🙂

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