I spent the majority of yesterday prepping for today’s garage sale.  A couple months ago, I decided to pass out flyers to our neighborhood to rally for a community garage sale.

So today was the day!  I took all of the items in our basement that weren’t budging on Craigslist, things we haven’t used in years, photography related props & business “stuff” I haven’t used in years – and pooled it into our garage by the end of the Friday.

It was so much work but it felt great to hit the garage door buttons this morning and know we’d our items would find a new home.

My parents came and helped with Little Dude and the garage sale since Chris is working on a big integration (work stuff).  They were incredibly helpful – we really couldn’t have pulled it off without them!

A few tips I would offer about garage sales:

1. as you start to pool together items in your home to sell, throw them into boxes or tupperware… use categories that you want to sell by… either price-point or interest.

2. buy the pre-made price stickers from an office supplies store and label everything.  I had read that if you leave the pricing off, people will offer 70-80% higher than how you would have priced it.  This theory didn’t work for us.  Maybe it’s because we had a lot of “nicer”items – instead of a ton of items that should sell for super cheap.  Not sure – but what I would recommend is thinking of the original sticker price and starting at 25% of that value.  So if it was $100, try $25.  If it was $20, try $5.

3. don’t use “make an offer” stickers. I thought this would be a great idea!  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  An item is worth what someone will pay for it.  Well, there are also people like “Curtain Rod Lady.”  She gathered up a few items that were marked for $1 each. Asked if I would take $1 for it all.  No, I won’t.  Then she brought up a set of TWO curtain rods that I couldn’t remember what they were marked.  I said “what does the sticker say?”  She said “five dollars.”  My eyes must have grown to the size of sauceres, because she said “you were thinking of more? How about $6?”   I kindly said “someone must have mis-labeled them.”  I thought it was my fault.  Moments later, after she payed for her curtain rod HAUL  (probably worth $70 retail… so I was hoping for  $15-20), my mom said “those were labeled “make an offer.”

I will cough it up to MY garage sale inexperience and her SLY, dishonest nature… that was a great deal for her and an lousy deal for me.  So don’t do the “make an offer” stickers. And 3-b) is watch out for people “working the system.”

4. MAKE COOKIES!  My mom made chocolate chip cookies and bagged them up in 3’s… they sold like hot-cakes for $1 a bag.  The profits are going into Little Dude’s college fund. 🙂

5. When you make garage sale flyer signs, consider making a QR-code for them with an easy GPS link or pertinent info. Of course I thought of this AFTER I was done with signs but I will do it next time.

6. When you go to the bank to get “petty cash” for the garage sale, try a bunch of $1’s and a roll of quarters.  If you are selling stuff for less than a quarter, get smaller change.  $1’s (in MY opinion) are easy to count out change and we pretty much got enough 5’s, 10’s & 20’s to create larger change from purchases.

7. Wear sunscreen. 🙂  You may be sitting your shady garage, but you’ll probably jump up to help a shopper or two out in the sunshine.  A few minutes here & there will add up… and coming from the melanoma patient: wear sunscreen!  (you know I had to throw this in…)

Right after the garage sale ended, my dad helped me bag up the remaining items to prepare them for donations.  As in: Chris & I didn’t want to haul anything back inside the house.  So, start to finish it was days of work but it was very freeing to know all the unused stuff is gone!

By 4 p.m. I was snoozing on the couch while Little Dude watched a movie. I think with the quality of sleep I’ve had since Monday’s diagnosis, increase of stress and keeping busy/distracted this week, being tired isn’t really a surprise.

I hardly thought about having melanoma today… not until I was alone and all of the commotion was over.

Today’s mood: Tired! Ha!  I am feeling uncertain about what’s going to happen & exactly how having melanoma will change the rest of the life.  Of course they caught it early and the survival rate is 99% but I can’t help but wonder why I’m so tired (even though there’s an obvious reason: keeping very busy & hauling so much stuff up & down stairs for the past two days). I’ve done myself a favor by not Googling any symptoms and trying to self-diagnose. It’s so easy to assume the worst and I just don’t need to “go there.”

Today’s coping: keeping distracted with the garage sale. Having my parents around helping throughout the day.  Getting rid of stuff that’s just been taking up space!  I have also started taking some homeopathic drops to “prep” for the anxiety of them cutting into my leg while I’m awake.  I’m nervous about passing out.  If I weren’t so gosh-darn-tired, I’d get up and grab the bottle.  I guess I’ll share that tomorrow, since I am soooo comfy on the couch at the moment. 🙂

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