my protein shake formula

People often ask how I make my protein shakes.

Here’s my little formula!

I use a personal-sized blender (some people know them as a “bullet” blender).  It is really easy to use & clean.  We got ours from Kohls.

Next, I get out my Biggest Loser food scale. I measure EVERYTHING that goes into my protein shakes.  So put your bullet cup on the scale and tare/zero it.  You can measure in grams or ounces. I don’t eyeball measurements because I like to know how many calories I’m eating/drinking.  When I don’t keep track, I gain weight from over-serving myself or I “bonk” and not get enough calories (so my body holds on to fat).  So, measure your shake, it’s worth it! 🙂


8 ounces of organic almond milk (unsweetened, vanilla).

 if I am tired of almond milk, I use filtered water or hazelnut milk.  When I want to be super indulgent, I use canned coconut milk.  It has lots of fat in it, so I save this for a special treat.  You can use your favorite milk source – these are my preferences. 🙂

I like getting unsweetened milk because it cuts down on calories.  The vanilla adds to the dimension of the flavor – so I figure, why not!

two scoops of FitFood Lite Whey protein powder

I like chocolate & vanilla flavors. I’ve also tried mixed berry but I feel it is less versatile.  They also have a banana flavor… which I have not tried.

Sometimes I do two scoops of chocolate, or two scoops of vanilla, sometimes one scoop of each and sometimes I get EXTRA fancy and do 1 & 3/4 scoops vanilla, then 1/4 of chocolate… you can do any combo you like.

I order mine through Erin at Momentum Wellness. If you want her phone number to order some, I will give it to you – but this particular type of protein powder is on back-order (it has been for a little over a month).

This protein powder tastes great and doesn’t have a funny aftertaste.  It’s just plain delicious. 🙂

Next I add ice cubes.  Usually 2-3 ice cubes is enough to add a chilly froth to the shake.

If I am feeling super-healthy or just can’t get enough fruit, I add in a few pieces of frozen fruit.  I buy bags of organic frozen blueberries, strawberries, raspberries & peaches on a regular basis.  Frozen fruit can take the place of the ice cubes if you like.


Lastly, I add in 1-3 drops of extract.

My favorites are peppermint or vanilla.  Don’t go overboard with the extract because you’ll hate your shake if you use too much.  You can get a dropper at Vitamin Cottage or buy your extract with the dropper lid to make sure you aren’t over-doing it.  There are lots of extracts out there: orange, cinnamon, coconut, almond – so you can really specialize your drink flavor with your favorite extract. 🙂

Ok, so “everybody in the pool” (the bullet blender) and I mix it for a good minute.  It’s loud but let it go a whole minute so it’s nice and mixed – you don’t want ice chunks, fruit chunks or unmixed protein powder at the bottom of your cup.

Occasionally I add in something else.  Like one teaspoon of cocoa powder (if I am out of chocolate protein powder & really want chocolate).   I have added in some extra fiber.  I’ve read some recipes that have ice cream in them… (haven’t tried that, because I’m really not an ice cream gal).

That’s pretty much it!  Leave a comment and let me know what combos you try!


PS – Kid-friendly version: when I make a protein shake for Little Dude, I use ONE scoop of protein powder, usually whole milk (sometimes just almond milk), and all of these other methods/ingredients but I also add-in his liquid multi-vitamin AND anywhere from 1/2 a pouch to a full pouch of organic baby/toddler food.  It is usually leftover from what he didn’t finish.  It makes a great fruit/veggie smoothie and he says they are “mmmmmm!  deee-wish-ush.”

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