Cut it out!

I slept well the night before my melanoma removal and even had an incredibly enjoyable dream (that I need to write down the essence of, so I can write a book someday),  and woke up feeling blessed today is “The Day.”

I am 100% sure I had a good night’s rest because of your prayers and God’s grace.

Even though I thought I’d get up and treat that morning like any other day, it feels different!

Instead of reflecting on something of the past or wishing it were “next Tuesday,”  I felt very content that is it was “today.”  Does that make sense?

I am looking forward to the results after they remove the melanoma, because knowing them is “the next step” – but my focus is on today.

In case you are wondering, there’s no “perfect lunch” to have before a procedure you stay awake for.  My tummy was nervous anyways.

Chris drove me into my appointment and when I checked in, they had some paperwork for me to complete.  Nothing has changed since my biopsy (3 weeks earlier), so I am guessing it was just a way to pass the time in the waiting room.  I got so nervous, I handed the paperwork over to Chris to complete.

Once they called me back, I jumped up and followed the surgical assistant back to the room they assigned to me.

As she went over some details they had in the computer, I started to ask, “can I listen to music on my phone during the procedure?”

“Definitely!” She said.

Next thing I knew, the doctor came in the room and squeezed my skin to see which direction the scar should go – this relates directly to how skin naturally “folds.”

Then she re-capped what she previously told me: they will remove “the spot” (measuring about 5 mm) and quite a bit of tissue around it… and because you can’t stitch up a circular hole, it would need to be football-shaped:

Seems BIG for a 5mm freckle/mole/growth, but this aggressive approach is what is required with melanoma removal.

The surgical assistant numbed the area within the second line around the stronger line in the above picture. She did a poke-test to make sure I was completely numbed… after a couple more pokes, I was ready for the doctor to start.

I asked for my Gatorade and my night eye-mask… I am so visual, I knew if I saw any of the procedure, even out of the corner of my eye, I’d pass out.  The doctor said “oh that’s a REALLY good idea!”

I used my YouVersion Bible app, ear buds and my eye-mask to “zone out” of what they were doing.

While I had no pain, I could feel clipping, tugging, and the occasional dialogue when my Bible app was transitioning to the next chapter.

There were a couple times I felt a little queezey, but I focused on the book of Exodus (no particular reason for listening to this book) and on the fact that they were cutting out cancer (a horrible thing!) and that my survival rate is 99%.

I also started to realize: when I ended up NOT booking weddings between July 7th and August 25th, I wondered what God had in store.  I think his answer is recovery (stitches are restricting).

Mid-thought, they pulled up the surgical “blanket” they lined the site with and they were done.

I said “oh wow, you guys are quick!”

As my doctor left the room, she recapped that it went well and it is very treatable.  I told I was so thankful she caught it early & that I appreciate her.

Her assistant bandaged up my leg and went over post-op instructions & expectations.

Here’s my bandage, which I’ll wear for 24 hours then change at home myself… stay tuned!

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