1 week after melanoma removal

Well it has been one week since my melanoma removal.  What have I learned?

  1. I am tougher than I think I am… and than I want to be.
  2. The people who reach out to help us are awesome.  I want to reach out to others in need when I am able to.
  3. Stress makes your body go wacky. I’ve gained weight, lost sleep and as of yesterday Little Dude & I caught a cold. (At least I think it’s a cold… maaaaaybe strep.)
  4. I am TIRED of being unhealthy: mastitis, toe nail fungus, Gilbert’s Syndrome and now melanoma are ALL new diagnosis’s since March.  I’ve had about enough.
  5. I can improvise when small things go wrong.  Our hot water heat broke Sunday evening.  So we either have cold water or no water until Thursday.  I am happy the water heater was still under warranty, but waiting a few days for a new one seems crazy for a couple of reasons… I need to rinse my incision with warm soapy water twice a day, Little Dude *just* started potty training, and I don’t like the idea of showering at the rec center & changing my bandage there twice a day.  Showering Little Dude there is not very fun either.  Adding all this up, I decided I’m spoiled. Lots of people barely have cleaning, running water and I’m pouty about not having a warm shower for me & a warm bath for our son.

Maybe I’ve learned more since then, but these stick out to my most (and it’s about 7:30 a.m., so I do not feel quite awake yet).

So today I cleaned out and set up our kiddie pool so the sun can warm up the water and our son can “take a bath” in that today before naptime.

I washed my hair in cold water in the kitchen sink this morning and have been washing my body with a couple of pyrex measuring cups full of warm (microwaved) water.  I wish I could wash out my incision with the shower, but pouring water on it is really no different.

It’s so easy to get used to whatever is in our comfort zone.  I never thought someone would be cutting out a chunk of flesh while I’m awake. But I survived.

It’s going to take some time to get used to a gnarly scar on my leg… while I used to complain about not having “flawless” (no freckles) skin, I doubt I’ll complain about that again. I don’t think I’ll even be complaining about my scar.  It’s my badge that earns me the right to talk about how God led me through a scary time.

Turns out, I’m growing up. 😉

So here’s today’s 1-week post-melanoma-removal picture.

I think I got the water a tad too warm when I rinsed it off, because it hasn’t been red.  I’m sporting a colorful bruise around the edges since my skin got pulled tight and is still getting used to the new “elasticity”  – or lack their-of. I am finally able to bend my leg a bit without feeling pain or tightness. I am guessing I’ll be able to bend it most of the way after the stitches come out.


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