Stitches are Out!

Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had in quite a while (besides the day the doctor’s office called saying they removed all of the melanoma):  I got my stitches out!

Getting stitches removed is not super comfortable, but it’s fairly fast when done with skilled hands.

The surgical tech was the same gal who assisted my dermatologist with the surgery and she said I did a great job keeping the incision clean & lubbed up with Vaseline. 🙂

She was training a new gal, so she explained everything she did… I overheard “mattress-style stitches” & that they hold skin very tight.

I joked and said “I pretty much got a knee-lift.”  And she smiled, saying that is a GREAT way of putting it.

I asked about the redness & she said it is normal, at 14 days out, for the body to start to reject the stitches since they are not flesh… it’s a natural reaction.  She said with infection, my leg would have been red all up & down the incision area and there probably would have been ooz coming out when she removed the stitches. (bleh! glad it wasn’t that!)

The left is before, with 7 stitches & the right is after (both taken with my Droid):

She recommended I keep it covered and Vaselined (that’s a new word, I have been using) for 5-7 more days, which will help with the scar looking its best.

So that is it for my dermatologist visits until October!  I am praying that they do not find more melanoma at that visit (or any future visits).  I suspect I’ll be a tad nervous as that appointment rolls around… but it is 3 months away.

So I will continue to document my scar’s healing progress and remind people to wear sunscreen, stop using indoor tanning beds & to see their dermatologist EACH year for a full skin check!

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Tara Lilly - August 20, 2012 - 11:06 am

Heather – Had to let you know, I had my first dermatologist appointment in 15+ years for my skin check. Got the all clear! I’ll be making this an annual ritual because of your story!

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