Wound Check post melanoma removal

It’s been about a month since my melanoma removal.

While it was successful, (they removed all of the cancer), it has looked irritated & red the last week or so.

I wore a bandage on it a week after they removed the stitches to let all of the skin close up, but after I stopped wearing a bandage and my clothes started rubbing against the incision area, I noticed a change in the color.

Even though I try to be very careful, it’s been bumped into a couple of times – so by last Friday afternoon, there was a portion in the middle that concerned me .

The small area was puffy, red, and had a little white bump in the middle like a giant whitehead (one I wasn’t going to mess with).

I decided to take an Epsom salt bath… I missed relaxing!  It definitely dried out the area.

One of my nurse friends said it would be ok to use Neosporin on it to hold me over until Monday (when I could call my dermatologist).

It helped but still didn’t look as good at the rest of the healing incision, so I called and spoke with my doctor’s surgical technician.

She said it sounded  like one of the dissolvable stitches underneath my skin most likely was rising up to the surface of my skin instead of dissolve down into the tissue.

My dermatologist was booked but I saw another one of her colleagues at the same practice and he confirmed that’s what it was today.

He prescribed an oral antibiotic I will take for five days to clear it up.  He said if it doesn’t look better in a week, to come back.

I can apply polysporin or Vaseline to the incision and use a bandage through the end of the month.

Then he said I should be ok to use Scar Control oil in September.

Here’s what it looked like today:

I will be sure to post an update of it once the antibiotics kick in.

The lesson here?  If it doesn’t look like it is healing right, have the doctor check it out!


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Kasia - August 25, 2012 - 4:36 pm

I am so glad it is better! When I first saw it I thought maybe it was the end of the incision and a stitch knot was irritating the area.. but it was in the middle- sounds like I was almost on the right track. I am so glad you called and got seen and it is getting better :]

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