Homemade Playdough success

One of my favorite memories of being a little girl was when my mom made us homemade playdough.  I remember watching her at the stovetop, diligently stirring the pot of goop.  The next fragment of homemade playdough memories was squishing the new, warm playdough through my fingers and watching my little sister eat it – and watching the FACE of “I just ate a wad of salty-flour!”  Ewww. Poor sister. She was probably no older than 2 at the time.

So when I saw a pin about making homemade play dough, I knew I had to give it a try.  Here is the original blog post from Modern Parents Messy Kids.  It was very easy to do!

Here’s the ingredients:

stir, stir, stir
ready to roll!
we had fun 🙂 
and I think it helped Little Dude experience a new texture! 🙂  All in all, a great Pinterest success. 🙂  If you don’t like to use Jell-O (because of the dyes), something I considered for “next time” is using plain gelatin. Not as exciting, color-wise (and it won’t smell like strawberries), but it should do the trick. 

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