Today I am Thankful for…

Today I am Thankful to be able to finish the Eerie Erie 5k!

I had a silent proclamation in my mind the entire time I ran it:  I survived melanoma this year!

So, I jogged the entire 1st mile, then walked/jogged the rest.

Here’s my results e-mail:

You placed 291st out of 573 finishers in a time of 42:55 for a pace of 13:49 per mile.

Out of 251 women you finished 166th. The winning time for women was 19:47.

For 30 to 39 year old women you were 53rd out of 70 finishers. The winning time for your age and sex was 19:47.

Before having melanoma, I would have been SO embarrassed to have a 13:49 pace.  I am simply thankful to be able to use my legs to run. Despite the cold. Despite the pain (due to my lack of training). Despite finishing towards the end.  It’s ok – I am just so thankful! 🙂

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