Can flu virus be absorbed in onions?

Today Little Dude woke up, followed me into my bathroom and threw up. Poor guy was SO scared and didn’t know what to do.  I told him to let it all out and it’s ok to be scared.  I told him I would stay with him all day and that the flu is NO FUN, even when you are grown up.

I prayed God would get this bug out of his system today and heal him.

After we ventured to the kitchen (another room with tile), he got sick again.  I think he was MORE upset he threw up on his Lightning McQueen sticker than actually getting sick.

What a BRAVE boy!

It crossed my mind that I should try the “onion trick.”

Somewhere I read that farmers would slice onions and put them on their nightstand to recover from sickness quicker.

Then a friend mentioned she used this trick for her daughter last winter…

So, I thought: we have onions, we really don’t have anything to lose by giving this trick a try.

I Googled and found this, which explains the theory.

I also had some of this Cold Remedy (which is an immune booster), to hopefully ward off this illness.

What are your favorite natural cold/flu remedies?

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