juicing again! with a new juicer :)

I purchased my first juicer almost two years ago!  I can’t believe how FAST time has flown by… and I can’t get over how much juicing has changed my palate!

I used to grimace at the smallest leaf of kale in my juice and now I really enjoy it!  Kale offers so much energy and the taste did grow on me. 🙂

Last month our juicer died.  How did I know it was done?  It had been pooling juice in the bottom of juicer for a while now AND it finally produced a burnt electronics smell when I used it.

I only let that happen once and then we were without a juicer for a few weeks.

At first I didn’t really acknowledge how different I felt, but then I realized all three of us where fighting a cold, the flu, the croup, or some sort of a bug ALL-MONTH-LONG!

We didn’t bounce back like we used to while juicing.

There’s no way we could have eaten all of the fruits and veggies to obtain all of the nutrients the equivalent  of what we were previously juicing.

I asked hubby to help me research a new juicer.  I have said it from the beginning, if I could have gotten a better juicer from the start, I would have.  I just went the “safe route” and got a cheap one to make sure I’d stick to juicing.  I did.  So I wanted to find a juicer with metal parts.  Chris thought it would be important to find one that’s easier to clean.

Centrifugal juicers vs. Masticating juicers was my research project.

But Chris found one that is a COLD PRESS juicer.  That means it juices slowly and the produce does not heat up… therefore it keeps more of the nutrients.  SCORE!

As their website says, the NutriPro Juicer:

  • Retains nutrients for optimal health
  • Continuous, jam-resistant juicing
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Quiet operation, no spinning blades

I’ll be sharing some juicing combos on here (mostly from my phone camera).

Hope you enjoy!

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