praying for my children month-long challenge

Last month, I joined a few Instagram & real-life friends in praying for our husbands.  It is always on my heart to pray for my husband, but this was a solid challenge based on encouraging words, not complaining (to him or about him) and praying for him.  Not that I completed it without any slip-ups, but it was a fruitful challenge for me. I think praying specific topics for any person is a very effective way to pray!

So for the month of June, I decided to pray for our son and baby-on-the-way.  Again, it is on my heart to pray for him and the new baby, but having a very intentional daily reminder of what to specifically pray for will be helpful.  I’m excited to see what God does through the 30-day challenge I found on this blog.

I am referencing the calendar PDF she linked and adding verses that come to mind when I pray.

Additionally, I have been (slowly) reading Desperate by Sarah Mae & and Sally Clarkson – I just finished a chapter on being intentional on getting down on the floor and playing with your kid(s).  Not supervising, not multitasking, not checking my smartphone or doing “my agenda” – but engaging in eye-contact and entering into my son’s world… and just PLAYING!

I have decided to set a timer each day for 30 minutes where I push myself to ignore the “noise” of the day and play with Little Dude. I don’t get up until the timer goes off!  So far, it’s been fun – but I do have the attention span of a fruit-fly… especially when I think of things to do and want to write them down.  I don’t, though… I want to create memories of playing together and him FEELING like I was engaged in his world.

If you want to join me on this month-long journey – or modify it to fit your needs and still join me – feel free to leave a comment or find me on Instagram. 🙂

Please leave a comment below & share with your friends. All comments await my moderation.

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