Hypnobirthing book & CD (my personal review)

After Little Dude’s birth, I was hopeful he cleared the path for an easier labor & deliver.  Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s called LABOR for a reason, but I have heard from many moms that they were INTENTIONAL in doing things differently with their second (and subsequent) babies.

Between getting pregnant with #2 and Little Dude, I watched The Business of Being Born – an intense documentary that sheds light on the fact that many births can go smoothly and naturally without medical intervention.

However, with the way Little Dude’s labor & delivery went, I am 100% happy I gave birth in the hospital.  We needed to be there.

Fast forward to several weeks ago, a little research landed me on the concept of hypnobirthing.

I checked out a few hypnobirthing books from the library and the one I feel most comfortable with so far.

Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method A Natural Approach to a Safe, Easier, More Comfortable Birthing [With CD]

At this point, I still am NOT sure of:

1) giving birth without fear (although I like the idea!)

2) giving birth without pain (although I LOVE the idea!)

3) having a better & faster delivery experience (yes, please!) 

4) giving birth without an epidural

However, it has opened my eyes to the concept of fear being directly related to pain.

I just finished the book last night and have continued to listen to the hypnobirthing CD at least once a day (either before taking a nap or going to bed).

Here’s my scoop:

I love the idea of having a variety of tools to utilize going into labor.  I am thinking of hypnobirthing as a tool chest.  I will pick & choose what works for me from the box and use it.

While the concept of no fear and no pain in labor & delivery is an amazing goal for me, I don’t feel the hypnobirthing philosophy of “I’m in control of my body” will help me land on the no fear and no pain camp.

I do NOT believe that I am ultimately in control of my body.  I do not feel that this aligns with what the Bible says.  I know that God made me and His plan & control is sovereign.

Last year I had stage 1 melanoma.  I had NO control of this diagnosis.  Some would argue yes, I did in my choices to tan earlier in life, but really I did not choose my skin type, the location of where I got melanoma, the timing, the situation…

The extent that I can stretch the statement “I’m in control of my body”  is that I CAN choose to ask God to help me control my thoughts.  To take captive each thought and to continually hand each thought over to Him. (2 Corinthians 10:4-5)

I believe that if I focus on casting my fears to the Lord, that I will be able to achieve a less fearful and less painful birthing experience this time.

So that’s my “bad news” about hypnobirthing.  It’s not a horrible review, but just a reminder to take it in stride with your current beliefs.

My positive experience from this hypnobirthing book is that it did provide me with a refresher of the birthing experience, strategies, and ways to cope with fear and pain.

More importantly, the CD is NOT a crazy hypnotic track that will lead you into an unwanted trance.  You will not be told “you are getting VERRRRY sleepy” and then have no recollection of the last 20 minutes.

It is a CD that starts out with instrumental music and a lady saying “now it is time to relax…” and (I’m paraphrasing) she suggests getting comfortable and walks you through allowing your forehead, eyes, jaw, chest, pelvic area, legs (i.e. entire body) relax.  It is SO easy to tense up our muscles and so the CD starts out helping you relax each muscle group and just RELAX!

Then the lady on the CD helps you visualize a room where you feel safe, comfortable and surrounded by your favorite things.  I keep picturing my room, big, open, natural light, painted in white/cream, with a BIG comfy recliner chair in the middle.  It’s quiet. Next to me in my Bible.  I might add other ideas to this “dream room” down the road, but at this point, this is what it looks like for me.

This is generally the point in the CD that I fall asleep.  So it is an effective tool for helping me relax.  I believe that is a very important component for laboring & delivery.

My research on labor and delivery of Baby #2 is not over yet. I have a book on hold at the library called “Birthing from Within.”  I’m looking forward to reading about this perspective, too.

I am open to reading more on the correlation between fear and pain – but I honesty think if I do an in-depth Bible study on fear and trust in the Lord, I will find what I’m looking for.

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