a year ago today… stage 1 melanoma

A year ago today, my dermatologist called and diagnosed me with stage 1 melanoma.

You can read that first blog post here as well as the coping with emotions, removal, and healing process under the MELANOMA category here on my blog.

The freckle she originally biopsied was 5mm and the incision for removal was 4 inches wide & deep enough for internal stitches.

I am thankful for how God has moved in my life throughout it all. His glory shines through our weaknesses. Couldn’t have made it without Jesus!

I have another 3-month skin check next week!  I am continuing to pray that God uses my journey to glorify him.  Being 24 weeks pregnant, I am praying for a non-eventful, non-stressful skin check.  Since I am pregnant and will nurse again, I will continue to see the dermatologist for a skin check every 3 months.  Hormones affect everything in our body and so sticking to the 3-month protocol is my dermatologist’s recommendation.  

Here is what it looks like today… the larger scar is from a year ago and the small, round scar next to it is from January.



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