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We love books and our little community library! They have a great kid’s section and a train table Little Dude ALWAYS looks forward to.  When the train table first showed up, I (along with several commiserating moms) wished they would have gotten rid of it.  It was the cause for many melt-downs and our son’s interest in the library turned from books to the train table.  However, over the months he has become exceptional for his age at sharing the trains and following my “community toys” rule:

You have two hands, choose ONE or TWO trains and share the rest! If you can’t share, we’re leaving.

He totally gets it! He’ll give a train to just about any kid who is newly approaching the table.  “Here ya go!” he smiles.

With that being said, we experienced a wonderful sharing moment with another little boy at the library yesterday. 🙂  This boy was school-aged and was browsing a dinosaur book with awesome fold-outs that made each page HUGE!  We thought it was pretty cool and I mentioned we will have to borrow that book after them.  I snapped a picture of the cover and we went back to playing.

A couple minutes later, the boy started to talk to me about each dinosaur and then he offered the book to us!  His mom was SO proud of him – and I would be, too!

This is the book:

Amazing giant dinosaurs / [written by Marie Greenwood ; illustrated by Peter Minister]

We also picked out these books (yes, I encourage the little “book junkie”) 🙂

  • A bug, a bear, and a boy / David McPhail
  • A bug, a bear, and a boy go to school / David McPhail.
  • The butter battle book / by Dr. Seuss.
  • Cars galore / Peter Stein ; illustrated by Bob Staake.
  • Choo choo/ Petr Horácek.
  • The foot book / by Dr. Seuss.
  • I wish that I had duck feet / by Theo. LeSieg. Illustrated by B. Tobey.
  • If I ran the zoo / by Dr. Seuss.
  • Stop! Go! : a book of opposites. by Brian Briggs
  • There’s a wocket in my pocket! by Dr. Seuss

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