My 30 Before 30 List

I originally started this list on my photography blog, but since I am no longer in professional photography, I decided to copy & paste it over here on my personal blog to refer back to.


Well, you don’t have to guess how old I am anymore – I am turning 3-0 in less than 6 months.

When I was a kid in junior  high & high school, I really couldn’t think past being 24. That, in my mind, was old.

Ha! {so funny…}

I graduated from high school at 18.

Met my husband at 19.

Got engaged at 20.

Got married at 21.

Graduated from college at 22.

Started my business at 23.

Hubby & I built a house the year I turned 25.

We had Little Dude when I was 27. (Well, two weeks shy of turning 28)

While I feel like I’ve done a LOT in the last 10ish years, I want to cross some “to-dos” off my list before I hit a new decade.

Quite a few of these will be about reclaiming my body after having our son & nursing him 18 months.

1. Make photos albums for OUR family pictures.  Shame on me (the professional photographer) for not doing this for the past 10 years! (working on organizing pictures)  

2. Finish nursing our son.  I’m a HUGE breastfeeding advocate – but as of today (March 12th) he’s almost 18 months old & it’s time!! (DONE! 3/23/12)

3. Lose the rest of the baby weight.  (I hope this gets easier once we are done nursing). (ongoing, but doing P90X to reach my goal)

4. Lose a little extra weight, with the goal in mind of getting more lean muscle, so I can play & keep up with Little Dude!icon smile My 30 BEFORE 30 List (see #3)

5. Whiten my teeth.  It’s been over 27 months since I’ve used a whitening toothpaste (avoided chemicals while pregnant & nursing)… yep, I notice a difference.  (using Whitening Mouthwash… this stuff BURNS! Not going to do it much longer 4/1/12)

6. Do a body cleanse. (in progress: 4/11/12)

7. do a 5k & jog the whole way (this will take extensive cross-training between water aerobics, pilates/yoga, elliptical, biking & yes, jogging).  Once upon a time, a 5k was easy for me.  (going to start running again now that I’m stronger from doing P90X)  Signed up for the Eerie Erie 5k, which is in October. 

8. Purge clothes that don’t fit right… not talking size here, I’m talking they made the shirt too short, or it’s cut weird, etc.  That means I have to make time to try everything on after the baby weight is gone… (DONE 6/27/12 – going to sell them at our garage sale, then donate the rest)

9. hire someone to paint our master bedroom & bathroom – it is SO sad to me that we have white walls in there. Sad. (doing a color consult tomorrow! 9/9/12)

10. revamp my personal blog  (DONE! 4/13/12) Check it out!icon smile My 30 BEFORE 30 List

11. allow myself 1-2 girls-nights-out a month (HAD 1 NIGHT OUT IN MARCH, the summer is a blur, but I had one night out in September… planning to get better about this!)

12. donate shoes that don’t fit post-pregnancy  (had garage sale & got rid of them there)

13. get a punching bag for the basement

14. learn how to crochet a hat (done! August) 

15. finish the blanket I’m crocheting & give it to the recipients (done! & even made a little bonus baby blanket! thanks to my mom for helping when she went on a road trip! 6/15/12)

16. complete the outline for my book project  (working on it)

17. allow myself to take a nap when our son naps at least once a month (TOOK A NAP IN MARCH, APRIL, MAY, JUNE, definitely took a few in July having melanoma, August & September were catch-up months)

18. take 24 hours away for myself: just me & my camera.  – Well, I am a little sad about not completing this one but I have no regrets NOT doing it.  With my husband’s work schedule, it just wasn’t possible. I will do this sometime before I turn 40.icon wink My 30 BEFORE 30 List

19. get at least 3 massages (GOT A MASSAGE IN MARCH, APRIL & JUNE!)

20. have a “fancy” dinner with hubby on our 8th wedding anniversary  6/26/12 DONE! We went to the Melting Poticon smile My 30 BEFORE 30 List

21. have a family picnic  (had one with Little Dude in our family room on my birthday for lunch: blanket, picnic basket, food & even a citronella candle; I would have preferred to have one with the 3 of us, but I made the best out of my circumstances)

22. have our family portraits taken at least twice (Little Dude is growing like crazy!) (HAD FAMILY PORTRAITS IN MARCH, SEPTEMBER)

23. have some friends over for tea & snacks at least twice  (note to self: I’m not good at inviting friends over for myself… we’ve had playdates but no mom-dates)

24. write my own personal mission statement (not business related, just for myself) (STILL WORKING ON THIS… IT’S A VERY COMPLEX THING TO WRAP YOUR MIND AROUND)

25. Go to the dermatologist & get the full-skin-check again (it’s been a few years). 6/26/12 DONE! *melanoma removal July 17th, 2012*  Praise Jesus, they removed all the cancer… my 3-month checkup is next week!

26. Try a bunch of different egg preparations & decide what my favorite is. Like Julia Roberts on Runaway Bride.  This was really fun to do. I tried: hard boiled, soft-boiled, poached, deviled, scrambled, eggs Benedict, casserole, quiche, omelette, fried, sunny side up – as many as I could think of.  I was pleasantly surprised & really enjoyed expanding my culinary horizons.

27. make at least one non-photographer new friend who lives nearby (DONE! August 2012)

28. paint some wall art for our dining room. I have the inspiration. I have the tools. I just need to work up the courage to do it! (and make time)  (I did not do this – partially because what I want to do will cost some money we spent some money on painting actual walls in the house… so this one will need to wait. Probably until the spring since it will be messy and I’d rather be able to open the windows to paint)

29. attend A Weekend to Remember with my husband & leave Little Dude in the care of my mom or sister (or both) (BOOKED for this winter on 4/14/12)

30. read the entire Bible, cover to cover  (finished the Old Testament 6/7/12, COMPLETE! 6/29/12… and I can’t wait to read it again! Why didn’t I do this sooner?!  I have such a thirst for going back and re-reading and digging deeper into His word now. Best decision ever!)icon smile My 30 BEFORE 30 List

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