20 week ultrasound | baby #2

Well we had our 20 week ultrasound today (I’m actually 21 weeks along) and the technical “THINKS” we are having another boy!

Right off the bat, the ultrasound looked different than it did with Little Dude, so I can see why she hesitated with her guess.

Hubby and I both have great attitudes about it – boy or girl, we  love this baby!

Little Dude still thinks it is a girl/sister.  So maybe he’s right… but when I explained to him that he’ll be able to play rowdy with a brother, he perked up and started to say “baby brother.”

We will see! He also already loves his brother/sister and talks to the baby, hugs/kisses my tummy… he’s already an amazing big brother!

If it’s a boy, we have all the boy stuff we need.

If it’s a girl, we have some gender-neutral baby gear that will work just fine.  One of my favorite colors is green, so we did a lot of that anyways.

Stay tuned for more baby-planning stuff!


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