sciatic pain during pregnancy remedies (what worked for me)

I am appreciating my “easy” pregnancy with Little Dude more & more each week.

Pregnancy #2 has been a lot harder… I was sick longer, put on modified bedrest and now I am discovering was severe sciatic pain is.

thought I had a little bit of sciatic pain at the end of my pregnancy with Little Dude, but I know I had a major case of it with this baby that had me sobbing like a, well, baby in pain.  I was in pain sitting, standing, walking – and at its worst, hubby had to carry me into bed.  I honestly didn’t cry due to that kind of pain, ever (not even in labor, recovery from melanoma, oral surgeries or any sports injury). OUCH!

Here’s a few things I tried to relieve the sciatic pain (I bolded my favorites):

  • massage (felt really good but my muscles tightened back up again)
  • warm bath  with Epsom salts (felt really good but my muscles tightened back up again)
  • ice (only made it tighter)
  • chiropractic (helped temporarily, but the muscles kept pulling)
  • one extra strength Tylenol (as allowed) – later I was instructed on REALLY bad days, I can take two extra strength Tylenol… but make sure you get your OB’s green-light on this
  • Traumeel tablets & cream (helps quickly with minor pain, but not when it was at its worst)
  • Arnica cream (didn’t do much for the sciatic pain but helped with other soreness)
  • new walking/running shoes with high-arch support (definitely helped my arches, knees & overall posture but I was still in pain)
  • pregnancy support belt (helped but only good for standing occassions… otherwise it felt like a corset for my bladder while sitting) 😉
  • stretching (VERY helpful as long as I did it several times a day – there’s plenty of stretching ideas on Pinterest, but if you are in pain, call your OB/midwife: that’s what they are there for.  She’ll have some good stretches for you.)
  • heating pad (also VERY helpful, several times a day to loosen up the muscles… I know they are inflamed, so you’d think ice would help, but heat worked much better for me)
  • Hypnobirthing CD (I listened to this while using the heating pad and laying down to help wind-down and relax my mind and body)
  • King Bio Sciatic homeopathic spray (hubby picked some up from Vitamin Cottage on the way home and I think it helped quite a bit! )
  • PRAYER! (this was by far the best solution to my pain – I asked friends & family to pray and within a day, the pain was gone!)

I have continued to pray, stretch a lot, use the heating pad when I feel a little tight, along with the spray.  Now that I am able to sit, stand & walk without pain, I’ve been walking 1 mile on the indoor track a few times a week.  I think this has been helping my muscles stay limber and not clench back up to how they were.

What about you? What have you tried for sciatic pain during pregnancy?

Please leave a comment below & share with your friends. All comments await my moderation.

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