organic cold press juicing: favorite juicing recipe of the week

Little Dude is my helper in the kitchen.  When I start washing organic fruits and veggies, it’s like he has a fresh-juice-radar, drops his hotwheels and comes running to the kitchen.

“Making juice momma?”


“I get a chair!”

He pushes a chair across the kitchen floor, straight to our NutriPro Cold Press Juicer. And he waits…

I wash and chop up the produce, so it’s ready to go and I let him turn on the juicer and feed all of the deliciousness into it.

He’s learned that carrots go in one-at-a-time, so it doesn’t clog up the juicer (cold press is a slow juicer, so you have to do smaller pieces of the harder fruits and veggies).

He loves dropping in a slice of apple or pear and then crouching down to watch it come out the juicer “here it comes!” he says as if it is Christmas morning! 🙂

While I’d love to juice every day, it just doesn’t happen that way – usually a matter of eating at different times or being on a time crunch.

It actually doesn’t take that long to do (I’ll time it next time) and we so thoroughly enjoy the fruits of our labor, I don’t know why we don’t do it more often.

So, my mommy-victory is that Little Dude LOVES spinach-based juice. Yes, it’s green and he ASKS for it!

Our favorite combo this week is:

  • spinach
  • apple
  • two pears
  • several strawberries {made it very sweet}
  • 4 carrots
  • 4 celery
  • 1/2 a lime (was left over from fajitas)

We get our organic produce from Vitamin Cottage.  They specialize in organic food, so their prices are better than a “mainstream” supermarket and I love their quality!

Little Dude and I tend to split around 16-24 oz of juice on any given batch of juice.  It’s full of vitamins and nutrients that fuel us for the day (baby #2 in the tummy loves it, too).  Our bodies work hard to digest all of our other foods, juicing is a nice little “mini-vacation” to our tummies.


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