Meal Planning Monday (how eMeals works for us)

I have tried various ways to meal plan but recently decided to jump on the eMeal bandwagon.

#1 I saw some yummy looking recipes on Instagram with the #eMeals tag

#2 Dave Ramsey endorses eMeals (saves money & time)

#3 I found a coupon code on Retail Me Not to receive the lunch plan for free with a dinner subscription (so it worked out to be about $5 a month for both)

When I first signed up, we started with the “clean eating” meal plan.  Their website does a good job of describing all of the different types of meal plans that cater to different food preferences… we soon switched to the “natural & organic” meal plan… then Little Dude broke out in a rash & we discovered we needed the “gluten-free” meal plan.

check out their website!

They allow you to switch your plan once a month through the website but if you email them they are super quick about changing it to a different plan. 🙂

Each Wednesday I get an e-mail with our weekly meal plan AND a complete shopping list!  This is probably one of the best parts for me, because I always felt like I spent a ton of time researching recipes and creating a grocery list.  Being pregnant and taking care of Little Dude, this has been a great relief! I just don’t feel like putting time into recipe-searching right now.

So I print out the list and then cross out what we already have – then I’m ready for the store. 🙂

Yesterday was a crazy day – go-go-go: I *actually* went to the store without looking at the meal plan first AND without printing out the list.  I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants but, instead, I used the eMeal smartphone app and did all of our grocery shopping that way.

When you pull up the app, it shows your meal plans (dinner & lunch for us) and the current & previous week.

Once you click on the week you want to view, you will see the meal plan & recipes.  I don’t eat pork and Little Dude & I are allergic to soy… and at the end of each recipe on the app there’s a “skip this recipe” button.

Once I clicked “skip this recipe“, it eliminated those from our meal plan and from the grocery list.  Yay!

See, here’s the eliminated recipes list (which you can un-skipp, if you decide to):

Then here’s our meal plan:

And the shopping list:

So far, I really like eMeals.  It definitely has saved me time & effort… so far, I haven’t saved a TON of grocery money, because we also are working on planning our breakfasts and snacks better.  With an almost 3-year-old, that’s tricky! But I am getting better!  Yesterday, I walked out of Vitamin Cottage $12 under budget.  That’s a big deal for me!


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