Monday meal planning & picky eater tactics

I never thought I’d have a “picky eater” but we do.  And with his food limitations (no soy, shellfish or gluten), it makes meal-planning tricky.  At a church potluck over the weekend, out of DOZENS of dishes to choose from, he asked for:

  • grapes
  • chips
  • “brown snack” (i.e. chocolate)

Where’s the protein? Where’s the veggies? Why won’t he try what everyone else is obviously enjoying? Or at least try the Texas Caviar mommy made?

I asked a church friend who works with little ones a lot her take on getting kids to try the food on their plate.

“With kids and their food aversions, the best approach I’ve found is just to continue offering it. It’s best if you serve much smaller portion of whatever you’re eating. Once you offer a secondary choice or something different than what you’re eating, their expectations will change and they will refuse trying new things. It’s frustrating, but it’s best to stay firm. You don’t want to make it traumatizing either. What I have found is that using empowering words work best. Ex: “It’s your choice if you want to eat the food I gave you but I’m not going to get you anything else. Big boys eat what everyone else eats.” or ” That’s a bummer you chose not to eat. I will save your plate in case you are hungry later. Let me know!” Giving reasonable choices is good too. ” can you help mommy pick what vegetables we are having with dinner? Which one: carrots or broccoli?” When kids feel able to make choices for themselves, they are more likely to cooperate.”

So, our plan of attack is to:

  • continue to have him help grocery shop (seeing the food go into the cart)
  • have him help make meals (age-appropriate tasks)
  • let him know what we are making is for the whole family & we will all try what’s on our plate
  • save food leftover on his plate for when he decides he’s hungry

So here’s our meal plan for the week! 

gluten free breakfasts (we use Pamela’s gluten free baking mix):

  • French Toast
  • eggs & bacon
  • protein pancakes
  • cereal & yogurt
  • breakfast muffins* (thinking about trying Zucchini Chocolate Chip Protein Muffins since I am a fan of adding protein powder to recipes :))
  • protein smoothie
  • waffles or pancakes*


gluten free snacks:


gluten free lunch (all gluten-free bread, tortillas, pasta):

  • grilled cheese
  • shells & cheese
  • quesadillas
  • kid kabobs (fruit, lunch meat)
  • sweet potato fries & leftover meat


gluten free dinner:





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Kelly @ A Girl Worth Saving - August 6, 2013 - 2:12 pm

Thanks so much for including me in your menu and I hope that you enjoy the pot pie :)If you ever think about gardening, it’s amazing what you can get kids to eat when they help grow it.

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