Child Training Bible kit (personal review)

A friend from Bible study got out one of her Bibles and it had ALL KINDS of colorful tabs sticking out… wondering what she bookmarked, we were all curiously awaiting what she was going to explain to us:

She found the Child Training Bible kit – which, I immediately thought “this is not JUST for kids!”  There’s been so many times in my life that I’ve wanted an easy-reference guide to look up scripture pertinent to what I was feeling or going through.

Most Bibles have a reference section in the back, but flipping back and forth between it and scripture that may or may not have been completely relevant, only makes me feel more discouraged.

If there was a kit like this available when I was a kid, I might have a better grasp on memorizing scripture today… Nevertheless, I’m so thrilled to have it as a resource now. 🙂

A husband and wife team did a great job of researching the Bible verses and organizing them into categories ranging from anger, lying, pride, wrong friendships, jealousy, fighting… 21 topics in all.

While they were very thorough, I believe this is a technique anyone can add to, with more categories.

In order for this kit to work, you’ll need:

  • Child Training Bible cards $9.00 plus shipping
  • hard-cover Bible measuring 6 inches by 9 inches (to properly fit the reference cards)  I opted for a “large print” ESV version on Amazon for $20.98
  • yellow, dark blue, red, green, purple, light blue and pink post-it flags (7 colors)  I had to buy the “regular” color set and “bright” color set of post-it flags to get all of the colors we needed.  I’ll use the extras for bookmarking recipes in cookbooks and magazines. 🙂  found these at Office Max on sale for $6 for two packs
  • highlighters of the same colors: yellow, dark blue, red, green, purple, light blue and pink (if the colors don’t match the color-coordinated tabs, it will take away from the organization of the kit)  $11.98 on Amazon
  • double-sided tape – I used regular tape we had on hand and just looped it
  • bulldog clip for storing the cards in the back of your Bible – we keep these on hand in the kitchen, so I just grabbed one

The Child Training Bible cards came quickly and as soon as I opened it, I was very excited to sit down and tab all of the scripture.  There’s a great instruction card included in the kit as well as a video tutorial of how to put it together on their website.

It is easy to do but takes TIME.  I think I spent 4-5 hours on the tabs.  I think older kids could help with this process but with a nearly three-year-old, this was definitely a “mommy sticker project.”

The highlighters I originally purchased at Office Max were defective, so I haven’t gone back to highlight verses yet with the new highlighters that are en route via Amazon.  I think I’ll do this portion as we choose 2-3 tabs to read each day, so it doesn’t feel like such an overwhelming task.  I feel like we’ll remember each verse and it’s “take-home value” if we go through it without rushing.

Rounding up for shipping, this little project cost around $50.  If you are the DIY-type, you probably could figure out how to do this yourself for less.  It will definitely take you more time.  But I thought of it as an investment for our entire family.  The last time I was SO angry, or had a major case of fear, or when I was trying to better explain the consequences of lying or choosing good friends to our son would have gone much smoother with this resource.  I don’t feel it’s possible to put a price on that kind resource or the peace in Christ that follows. 🙂

visit their website


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