low iron during pregnancy

Last week I had another glucose test (I passed, yay!) and my OB also ordered a thyroid panel along with checking my iron levels.

My iron levels came back a bit low, so they suggested I take an over the counter iron supplement.

I called Vitamin Cottage and explained:

  • I’m pregnant
  • anemic
  • need an iron supplement
  • don’t want a constipating iron supplement (most cause constipation)

They had two recommendations… one was a liquid and the other was a pill called Blood Builder by MegaFood, which is what I opted for.

I’ve been taking it for a few days and also have been focusing on eating more iron-rich foods like steak, spinach, eggs, & dried fruit.

I have also been reminded to take iron a different time of day than taking calcium AND to take it with Vitamin C for better absorption.  🙂  Today I had my iron supplement while eating a blood orange. YUM!

Getting enough iron during pregnancy is important because (source BabyCenter):

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