fun things to do with our son before baby arrives!

My blog has been a little slow lately – I think I’ve been going through a little emotional reality check: baby could come anytime.  Hopefully after 37 weeks, but you REALLY never know!

It got me to thinking about how much I adore spending time with Little Dude and just how special this time is with him.

Many of our friends are starting school, and as the morning school traffic goes by, Little Dude is already saying “I go to school mom!”

He’s so friendly, social, and willing to learn – I know he will thoroughly enjoy his time at school, but I look at him and think “you are soooo tiny to me, still! How can you be ready for school?!”

He’s also showing SO much interest in babies, HIS baby in “momma’s baby tummy” and wanting to love on his little sibling.  It’s adorable and melts my heart. I know he’ll be a fantastic big brother, but I am NOT quite ready for the baby.

The baby needs to keep growing (I’m almost 31 weeks along) but I also have a GREAT desire to pack in a little “bucket list”of things to do with Little Dude before his little brother or sister arrives… and also another list before he starts school.  Two different deadlines, but the same concept:

making memories for us both before life develops into something even MORE exciting but certainly a little less simple!

Here’s my pre-baby list:

  • Just Between Friends sale (toys, clothes, etc… he loved garages sales this summer, so I knew he’d enjoy JBF) {done 8/23}
  • Set up fort fun (little tikes playset for our basement) {thanks to hubby, complete 8/25}
  • go to museum with Lego! exhibit {visited with a friend 8/26}
  • pack away clothes that don’t fit him and take him shopping for more “big boy” clothes {packed away 8/25, starting shopping process}
  • take him to get real farm-fresh eggs
  • See Planes
  • Go walk the mall
  • Zoo (weather pending, it’s been SOOO hot!)
  • take him swimming a few more times
  • sign him up for swim lessons (no more mommy & me class!) & watch him from the sideline
  • Dinosaur Museum
  • Aquarium
  • Haircut
  • throw him a Hotwheels birthday party
  • snuggle and watch a movie he chooses (I hope this happens more than once! His “snuggle moods” aren’t as frequent as they used to be)
  • get big-kid play area “awesome” and ready to go
  • have him make something for the baby’s room (artwork)
  • let him choose 5 books to read everyday (this seems cliche “read to your child”, but lately there’s been days where we skip this and the very next day, I wish I hadn’t!)
  • take him to see & ride a “real train”

BUILD! The Amazing World of LEGO

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