list of Christian podcasts for moms

Some days I can hardly wait for my [mommy] bedtime. Our boys are a blessing, but as I pour my heart & energy into motherhood, I need a way to refill my tank – or at least make those last fumes of the day stretch.

As much as I would love to plop down on the couch or, in some cases, head to pillow seems more appropriate, I know I have more to do after the boys are in bed… and I need a little distraction to help the tasks go quicker.

I also need something to listen to in the middle of the night while I breastfeed our baby – something that will help me stay awake.

While I love worship music, when I’m already tired, it nearly soothes me back to sleep.  So I’ve been opting for Christian podcasts.

My favorite podcast right now is Inspired to Action by Kat Lee. She is easy to listen to, fun, personable and always has an interesting guest.

Some other podcasts I have listened to OR just added to the line-up are [disclaimer: I have NOT listened to or condone all of these, they are just a list that I’m going to listen to]:

What are YOUR favorite podcasts? 🙂

Please leave a comment below & share with your friends. All comments await my moderation.

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Carol - January 1, 2014 - 9:46 pm

Congratulations on Baby #2!

I met you a few years ago at a vendor event and then we got in touch on Facebook! Since then I have been married and have two kids too! Girls, though.

My fave podcasts are from — Do a search for Grace Bible Church in Colorado Springs (pastor Jeff Anderson) and listen to everything! Straight-up Bible and awesome.

Happy New Year!

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